Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Beach Marriages

Picture Port Nicholson 1840. A number of single women arriving, getting sent to live in raupo barracks and guarded jealously. The settlement was still shy of single women and the clergy of the settlement were united in the idea of marrying them off as soon as possible.

A ggreat aunt of mine was one of these. Isabella Lockhart had arrived on the 'Bengal Merchant' and after five months, the only single women left in the barrack was herself and Mary Rankin.
Says Felicity Campbell in her book 'Making Waves', Isabella was not bad looking and she knew that even the plainest women were snapped up like jam cakes. Finally she relented and reluctantly married Jock McGregor on the beach after a few days courtship.

Isabella must have been one of a number of women married on the beach. Another is Jane Florence who married James Williams in July 1840 on the beach.

This must be a great subject for a book.

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