Saturday, April 6, 2013

Maori Pakeha and Pakeha Maori names.

Whilst delving into the history of non-Maori pre Treaty history in New Zealand, I've come across European names that were adopted by Maori, Maori names adopted by non-Maori and children of mixed ancestry having both at the same time. I suppose historians have always known this but it was a shock to me at first. I've nothing against it, identity can be expressed any way a person feels is right, but for researchers it creates an extra problem.

Te Hahi Weteriana by George I. Laurenson (150th Anniversary of New Zealand Methodism)

A youth under White's ministry named Kotia took the name George Morley (More) after an honoured Minister in England. Another was a young man of some real ability who was baptised Timothy Orton (Timoti Otene) after the Rev'd J.Orton in NSW.
Matangi named Simon Peter
Tarapata named David
Reinga named Nathaniel Turner
Henake named Samuel
Kairangatira named William Barton (Wiremu Patene)
Tutu named John Leigh (Hoani Ri)
Watu named John James (Hone Hemi)

Baptisms at Auckland Library Special Collections. NZMS 779

In 'Two Hundred Years on Codfish Island', Angela Middleton remarks, "Brown also identifies an earlier birth, a woman, ""Mrs Pratt of Riverton, who died in 1913, and was recorded as being born on Codfish in 1826, with Ngai Tahu origins"". However, as the name Parata is a transliteration of Pratt, this suggest Brown's Mrs Pratt is none other than Thomas Brown's younger sister Elizabeth.

And the latest 'find' was amongst the Russell Court cases, indexed at Auckland National Archives. Click on image.

So thats all folks, the dimensions of a researchers brain must be limitless.


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