Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dunedin Museums

On my recent trip to the South Island, I had an afternoon free in Dunedin on a Saturday. The Settlers Museum was closed to the public. According to their website, it re-opens at the end of 2012. So I went instead to the Otago Museum near the university.

Sad to say, its more a children's museum and I very quickly ran out of interest there. 

Back on the street, it was a different matter. Lots of interesting stuff going on. As I supped my flat white from the excellent museum cafe and chattered to Americans off a cruise ship in port, a parade of outrageously costumed students were walking by and I assumed they were so wonderfully attired because they were to attend the rugby match that evening at Carisbrook. 

The next day as we cruised the city, we came across a scene we instantly thought was a murder scene, police, red tape, cordoned street etc.  I stopped and spoke to a gentleman riding his bike - he said it was the annual student party, traditionally held in Hyde street. Some of them were still at it. Here's a photo for you. Ah to be young again.

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