Sunday, March 6, 2011

Talking about postcards, here is Onehunga

I've been a part-time collector of New Zealand postcards for about 10 years now. Postcards like any other  hobby, waxes and wanes in popularity. When I first started it was waxing, now it seems to be getting a little less popular and this could be because of price increases. The rarer cards are getting very expensive and it's difficult to find a bargain.

Usually a person collects a theme. My subjects have been the Coromandel Peninsula and its towns, schools and hospitals around New Zealand and Auckland suburbs.

The National Library and local libraries have good collections for us to look at and copies are available. But bear in mind that there seems to be vast private collections in New Zealand.

Dealers set up their tables at collector/antique fairs. They also sell online at Trademe where most of mine came from. It need not always be an expensive hobby. The more recent cards are still going very cheaply and these will in time become sort after. If the hobby does interest you, try to always buy good quality cards.

I've chosen some to show you today of Onehunga, Auckland in the early days. I'm sure there were lots of postcards of Onehunga on sale in their day but I've only these three, sad, I'd like more!

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