Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christchurch earthquake

A lot of people outside of Christchurch should be reviewing the safety of their history treasures after witnessing such a tremendous natural assault on one of New Zealand's leading cities.  Who would have thought Christchurch was in such danger?  

Of all the nations in the world, I think New Zealander's are the most serious about our connections in history, for being a nation of immigrants and being so far from anywhere, people have felt a little isolated. 

How much personal data has been lost in the quake? It's possible that years of research could be gone in some homes. It's too early to even contemplate or reflect on it beyond these few comments, more important considerations have to be concentrated on.  Poor Christchurch residents.

For the rest of us, living in these tremulous islands, its a reminder. Use any means to upload data onto the Internet or share it out among family to ensure its survival. Don't hoard it, share it.

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  1. I recently visited my family in NZ and while I was frantically scanning as many photos and documents as I could, my father remarked "There's no need, you know where it all is." I responded with predictions of fire, tsunami, hordes of locusts, etc. and he just laughed! A week later, the earthquake hit Christchurch. Thankfully my relatives there are all safe, but many family heirlooms have been damaged beyond repair. So I say, SCAN AWAY! And yes, share it around.