Monday, January 24, 2011

You can't believe everything in the newspapers

One of my gggrandfather's, John Draffin, husband of Mary Tait, is still missing, last heard of on the 13th of October 1870 when his under-age daughter married and he gave his consent at Silky Gully, Cresswick, Australia.  Whether he was still actually in the country or not is unknown, he could have given his permission in writing.

In my quest to sort out all the Draffin's in Australia, I came across an entry in the Australian newspapers of a Mr Draffin dying by accident on the Narandera Rd, Wagga Wagga, the 5th of June 1883. I was sure he was mine. This was the only unknown Draffin and mine was missing.

I wrote to the Wagga Wagga District Family History Society Inc., because there was no death certificate available (which didn't surprise me, Draffin being such a difficult spelling for a lot of people, and I thought it would be an indexing error.)  And lo and behold their competent reply assured me that it was actually William John Duffin, husband of Mary Ann McEntyre and the spelling of the name in the newspaper was an error. The coroner of that district didn't always issue a death certificate either, so there wasn't one for Mr Duffin.

So I've put a comment on that page of the newspaper about Mr Duffin in case anyone else thinks to enquire. Now, where did John Draffin get to?

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