Friday, January 28, 2011

Victoria Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

I purchased certificates from this organisation recently and due to technical difficulties, I had to contact them. On their site is a facility for doing this by filling in a form but I did not get a reply apart from an email to say that they'd received my form. A month later I then rang them but their call centre was having 'computer difficulties', and they could not help. Finally, I sent a letter snail mail and a week or so later received back an email from one of their officers saying sorry for their inadequate response but offering no explanation.

It's all fixed up now, six weeks after the initial problem. My credit card bill is also paid. All over? - Yes - all over and I hope I never have to buy another certificate from them, it wasn't a straight-forward experience nor an inexpensive one, in fact, its now something to be avoided at all costs. Is there a better way?

The difficulty was the .pdf files they provide as a product. The first few certificates I purchased opened up in Adobe Reader and I saved them via the menu in that program. The last three opened in my browser and I didn't know to right click and save them to my hard disk that way. The difficulty may have been caused by my own computer's preferences changing for some reason or it may be changes they made to their system but I wasn't offered any explanations and in my ignorance I took screen shots instead.

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