Sunday, January 23, 2011

The ship 'Ruahine' 1951

I found this promotional pamphlet in a second-hand or antique shop yesterday. For those who are nosey like me, the images give a good sense of the standard of accommodation offered aboard this New Zealand line ship built in 1951.


  1. I love Op Shops! I recently found a chart on Heraldry and another illustrating the Royal Family Tree. Great for library displays! Your pamphlet reminds me of a book I often recommend for researchers who are researching family to Australia post WW2 "Australian Migrant Ships 1846-1977". Some may well relevant for NZ as well:,_1946_-_1977

  2. I remember it well. Our family sailed from London to NZ on the Ruahine December 1963 - January 1964. Kids could pretty much wander at will and get to see all sorts of films like From Russia with Love! The Pilott family will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the crossing in January 2014.

    1. My mum & dad (Donald & Reay Lord) were on that same trip - it left London on 13th December '63. They settled in Hamilton where I was born 2 years later.