Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prudential Photo NZ 1969

Helen Wong was kind to pass on a copy of this photograph of the New Zealand Branch Inaugural meeting with New Zealand MillionairesClub 26 March 1969 for us all to see. The Millionaires Club was for those agents who sold a million dollars worth of insurance.
I'm sure insurance companies have contributed to the economy of New Zealand through their investment in real estate and bonds etc, from the earliest years.
If anyone would like the original photograph which was saved by Helen, let her know.

Seated : J S Pirie, R J Allen, L J Small, J.P, General Manager for Australia and New Zealand: S C Canfield, Life Branch Manager for New Zealand : C C Hough, Chairman: J J Cormick, Agency Manager for New Zealand V R Stace, R G Todd.

2nd Row: G M Campbell Dip I I N Z, D A Singe, E R Coote J P (Retired), A V Davie, R S Parkhill, G C Collins, N D Ingall, D M Harris, Field Unit Manager (Northern Blue): W G Kane Dip I I N Z.

3rd Row: E A R Bishell, F J Domney, R E Morrissey, M H Birch Studio Spencer Digby

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  1. Just came across this post searching Google for my Grandfather who is is this photo! Can anyone tell me how to get hold of Helen Wong to get a copy of the original?