Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oamaru in the Freelance 1926

The last but not least in this series of featured towns in issue No. 47, Wednesday 26th of May, is Oamaru.  
A surprising comment by the author about freezing works was included: The North Otago district is fortunate in that it escaped what has proven disastrous to many other districts ; a plethora of freezing works. There is only one killing and freezing works between Timaru and Dunedin, to serve the large district, and much of Central Otago. The works are situated at Pukeuri, about five miles from Oamaru. They are modern in construction, possess up-to-date equipment and are owned by the people of the district, having been acquired from the Canterbury Meat Company about four years ago. I can only surmise that 'disastrous' meant, ponging and polluting?
Included photographs etc.;

  • Mr E. P. Lee, M.P. for Oamaru.
  • Mr and Mrs James McDiarmid, Mayor and Mayoress.
  • Thames St.
  • Severn St Gardens.
  • Charles Begg and Co., piano manufacturers and importers, (article).
  • Radcliffe's furniture, (article).
  • Mr Harold L Familton, wallpaper showroom and art gallery.
  • Kinder's pharmacy.
  • Chrysler House, engineering service and showroom.
  • Mr E. Stewart Mill's jewellers, watchmakers and art pottery.
  • Foster Brother's bakery (article).
  • Messr's J. H. Milligan and Co., mens fashions, (article).
  • Mr. Joe Reid's watches (article).
  • Milligan's Eclipse Flour Co., (article).
  • The Woollen and Worsted Mills.
  • James Craig and Co., Ltd, timber millers.
  • The Polytechnic drapery by R. & C. Brown.

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