Sunday, January 2, 2011

Museum's in hiding

Do you know of any ingenious collections of New Zealand history hiding in the suburbs of New Zealand?

Just lately, I've been reminded by two which I know exist, the collectors are shy or unable to display their collections to the public but never-the-less, their work is of interest to all of us.

Speedway has an enthusiastic following in New Zealand as many of you know. Within my own family, there are those who would never miss a meeting. They can talk about it for hours, their eyes glaze over, largely like my own do when NZ history is mentioned. One of my relatives mentioned the speedway museum, a collection by an enthusiastic member spanning decades. I hope that one day we can all appreciate it, but I'm sure he doesn't expect MOTAT to get it. (I've nothing against MOTAT, but some people have voiced criticism on how its run.)

I advertised some shelving on trademe. One chap turned up to look it over to house his movie camera collection.  What he didn't know about these old movie camera's probably wasn't worth knowing. He had similarly glazed eyes when talking about his subject. But he was too shy to even use the internet to let other's know of his knowledge.

There must be others.

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