Saturday, December 18, 2010

Westfield Freezing Co. Ltd. Staff photo

Lord Vestey attended a function at the Lantau Lounge, Otahuhu on the 23rd February 1978. The function was also attended by some of the retired staff. Their total service to the company amounted to 1330 years or a little over 33 years per member.

I know two of the men in this photograph which is why I have a copy. Perhaps you might know someone as well.

Back Row Standing ; Doug Clarke, Arthur Knight, Tom Jones, Harvey Forder, Ken Lyons, Laurie Hallett, Doug Gallaher, Jack Turnbull, Ben Fuller, Arthur Tofield, Jack Edmonds, Alf Frost, Jim Wayby, Harold Mann, George Ross, Cyril French, Bert Todd, Bob Saul, Bill Bull, Frank Long, Norman Hall.

Middle Row Seated ; Charlie Gilbert, Jack Dryland, Ernie Bowen, Lord Vestey, Edna Thorburn, Bob McCullough, Ray Andrews, Jack Parry, Ted Finn, Arthur Todd, Hughie McGregor.

Front Row Kneeling and Sitting ; Allen Foster, George Clark, Fred Kemplay, Alex Ayton, Bill Gray, Walter Dear, Dave Wallace, Gordon Cameron, Mervyn King.

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  1. My late father George Ashburner worked at Westfield between 1948-1958 in the Manure Department.