Monday, December 6, 2010

Shipwreck; The Royal Charter 1859

I've always wondered if there are death certificates available for those who went down in ships. Perhaps they are included in the GRO index for 'out of England' people, I must check.

The 'Royal Charter' out of Melbourne, foundered on the 26th of October 1859 in Red Wharf Bay, Wales on its way to Liverpool. Of the 480 people on board, only 41 were saved.

Quite often, New Zealand residents went to and fro to England and other European ports via Australia, so Australian passenger lists are important to New Zealand family studies. Shipwrecks of vessels to and from Australia are important as well.

The Argus newspaper has the passenger list for the Royal Charter posted on the 9th of January 1860 and I have transcribed it and put it here. But you can also search for it at the NLA Trove site.

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  1. The Royal Charter drowned passengers are on the GRO overseas death index. I'm still not sure whether this means all British shipwrecked deaths will be there.