Saturday, December 11, 2010

Draffin's in Australia

I'm sorting though this name in Australia although its been done before and by various researchers.

I'm using GenoPro exclusively to chart the different families and using the NLA newspaper site and bdm information which I've had at home on excel for some time.

Although I've lightly used GenoPro for years to give me a visual map of the families I'm researching, this time I'm using it in depth and I've been pleasantly surprised of the depth available.

One of the problems I have is the locations which I'm able to look up on Google Maps, but what I really need is a map I can draw on to give a picture of movements and be able to follow the lives of these families as they sought new pastures.

Most of the families stayed in the Victoria, north of Melbourne and south NSW areas.  I have written to Wagga Wagga historical society and they have a method of sending out queries like mine to surrounding areas.

A lot of my time is spend pondering the evidence and thinking of sources which may be able to confirm or deny associations within the various families. They used common names like Robert, John etc., most of the time.  I've decided not to give too much strength to existing family trees without the evidence to support the decision made by past researchers. But its expensive buying certificates, although I do, especially for those who first set foot in the country or to put strong suspicions to rest.

I'd like to get the (too few) probates available at Trove VIC but am unsure how to do this. And what about intestate or poor people's estates? What about the land selector records, cemetery information (some of which is online, some on CD). What about people needing charity or support from the government? What about coroners reports.

Maybe feeling insecure about the knowledge needed to get the job done is a precursor for education but it's also frustrating.

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