Friday, November 12, 2010

Probate found, no death

I was looking for a probate for Ellen Carey in Wanganui, I knew she lived there. Ellen was born 1877 and was given a lovely home by her grandmother to live in until she either died or married. So I expected her to die unmarried.

I found a probate for Ellen Carey around about the right date and place and ordered it up at Wellington National Archives. But this Ellen Carey I'd found had married a William Carey. She could not be mine I guess, but stranger things have happened.

Yet when I went online to do a death search at births, deaths and marriages, the entry did not come up. It could be one of those missing ones I guess. I'll have to check the fiche records.

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  1. Interesting! I can't recall having seen a case like this, but in Queensland I have often found that there is a Justice Department inquest file for an unregistered death. In fact there was one month in the 1860s when none of the deaths in the mental asylum were registered (maybe the usual clerk was on holiday?!) but in each case there was an inquest.