Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our beautiful country

I hardly ever go south of the Bombay Hills but when I do, I'm always struck by the beautiful countyside I'm driving through. Would you take it for granted if you lived there?  I resided in Hawera for a short time and the mountain was a view out my front door but I never ventured up and I've always regretted it. I'm afraid that if I was seduced by the beautiful country to go and live there, I would ignore it like I did at Taranaki.

After visiting a family member in Palmerston North, I ambled over to Feilding only to find the Library closed. Darn. Now I had time to kill. Part of my family first resided in Halcombe which is near Feilding, so I adjusted the GPS and handsome (he's got to be with a voice like that), Richard navigated me to it.

Well, Halcombe's had its day and wasn't very exciting even though there are new houses there. But I had a map showing some of the blocks of land my people owned so I went for tiki tour. I'm not a great map reader, hence Richard accompanies me most places, but I think I got it right.
I was looking for the block of land on the far left at Tokorangi and when I got over the hill, this is what I found. I don't think I could ever take a view like that for granted. (Map from the Feilding County Council).

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