Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mokau Museum

Wending my way south to Hawera a week ago, I was barely paying attention when passing through a town, Mokau the sign read, I noticed the Museum and thought wow, this town's lucky having such a facility. Mokau - oh wait, I have family who lived here!

 Screech - that museum is traffic hazard for a record hungry family historian.

The lovely outside facade was followed by a delightful inside. The building is only 15yrs old and was built with the help of grants and donations. The Lions club made a big donation when it closed in the town and lately a local German farmer donated enough to start an expected extension soon, plus others have helped. So it's well supported and a must stop when on your way to Taranki. The extension is supposed to be completed by February.

The helpful museum volunteers, one of whom is Mavis in the photo, knew the family name and looked up records for me. I was very impressed, I think you will be too.

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