Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Motivation or lacking it

I've been thinking of why I've decided to take a break for posting. Its all to do with the records, or more precisely, how to get to them.

I've a list of 33 posts in draft which have headings a perhaps a sentence to two and I could easily come up with another 30 headings on top of these without raising a sweat.

The problem is that the information about these records is out of Auckland and a simple toll call won't get me the information I require in a lot of cases. The post on records of sanatoriums out of Auckland was a case in point. I spent over an hour talking to people who had very little information to share. It felt quite frustrating but I managed to get enough information, just.

Which brings me to why am I posting this now. Well, I've been reading a very interesting blog you may already have come across, dirtsimple.  And in so doing, I realised that I'm just making excuses and getting so negative about getting the right information that it killed my enthusiasm. Well, that's just plain stupid, don't you think?

You know I love NZ history and yes, we have some draconian rules about some of it, and yes, some sections of the community want to dictate their view of it to us and yes, Wellington is far away and I wish sometimes I lived there and not here, (not for the weather though - you can't beat Auckland's weather and smiley faces), so I've decided to dig a little deeper around this city for record treasures before giving into spending a little time in our capital city with the long faces.


  1. I have been amazed ever since you started this blog by just how much information you have gathered; I don't know how much effort it takes for you to gather it all but it must be huge and very time consuming as well.
    I really appreciate all that you do.

  2. I relate to all you say. Don't fret about taking time out :-) has to be done sometimes... and yes...even i lack motivation at times with all the contact i get off my website, a lot due to the fact people want all the information i've gathered over the years but not prepared to give back or acknowledge if they use elsewhere. I'm sure it will come back with a vengeance...even my blog postings have petered out a bit. Maybe my upcoming trip to London on 28 October although for work partly, will give me some inspiration :-)

    We'll still be here ready to read your posts! Thanks for all your input, it is appreciated.

  3. Not able to travel, I wonder how helpful you have found the Auckland Museum Library, it amazes me looking at their catalogue what they have. I never hear of people going there.
    Keep up the good work :)