Friday, October 1, 2010

Auckland Parachute Club

This club no longer exists but in its day it was a lot of fun. I have no idea what happened to the records or indeed if they ever existed.

The young chap in the glasses became a minister!
There were few formal meetings. But I guess someone always organised an aircraft or two and some pilots to fly, the booze for the after function every Sunday night. Maybe I was too young to notice who was doing what.

The club operated out of Ardmore Aerodrome and the 'drop zone' was moved to Clevedon at some time, I forget the name of the farm but it was an historic place. Although I didn't ever do a parachute jump, I and the other girlfriends and wives in the 1970's -80's were in demand to drive out to the drop zone and watch the antics and provide the little needed encouragement for the mostly guys and a few women who loved dropping out of aeroplanes. It happened nearly every weekend if the weather was good.

Then it was back to the clubrooms to talk about the last jump and refold the parachutes.

The club has had two re-unions since then and everyone is in their 60's and 70's now and I have a list of names and addresses. It's fun to reminisce. I wish I could tell you more details about the club but for me it just existed in a haze of crazy days.


  1. I was a member of the Para Club in the 1960s got my silver wings at ardmore; they jumped at three locations; Ardmore, Clevedon & out near glenbrook;
    'Sandy' was the secretary, the president was Toko Samuels who died of cancer, 'Scotty' was killed in a jump at New Brighton beach, out of Christchurch during a jump as Santa Clause, he was the Assistant president of the club. I had my silver wings stolen in a burglary and have been trying to get them replaced.
    Any help with this would be good!

  2. Colin, I can't help you, but there was a facebook group formed after Jon Butterworth died recently.

    There you will find some more informative people who may be able to help.

  3. The Toko Samuels you mention, was he the same one who was in the army?

  4. My stepfather, Hugh Stewart-Killick and my mother Sally were very early members. Hugh died on 18 April, last Wednesday.

    Was Scotty, Jock? If he was, Mum and Hugh still have a photo of him on the mantelpiece.

  5. Came across this site and it brought back memories of the 70,s
    I joined in Aug 1970 and jumped at Clevedon.
    I completed 263 jumps over 5years in NZ, Aussie and SA.
    I can identify people from all 3 photos.
    Geoff Carter #C296

  6. Good of you to comment Geoff, can you get in touch with Cheryl Butterworth on facebook, she's easy to find, she knows how to put you in touch with others.

    1. Thank you Lyn,
      I have never forgotten the club and the antics we got up to.
      We live on the Gold Coast and I will get in touch with Cheryl
      Geoff C.