Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sampling the Auckland Court records (part 1)

Don't forget, Auckland National Archives is changing their system in a few days time. They will issue us a new reader number which will be valid for New Zealand. Their old ordering program in dos is redundant and we will use Archway to order files from home and at the branch. We will get 10 files at a time instead of 4.

Most of these registers are indexed at the front. These names won't be on Archway.
Click on the images to get a readable version.

BADW 10238/1/1a  (1926)  Auckland Childrens Court orders.
BBAE 5635 /10/a  Auckland Civil Minute Book (1876 -1903)
BBAE 5635/78/a  Record 6 Auckland Civil Minute Book (In chambers) (1889 - 1893)

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  1. thanks for that - great stuff! :o)