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Passengers New Zealand Melbourne

I was looking for ggrandfather, Sam Draffin today coming into Melbourne in the NLA newspapers but didn't find him, however, I did find the following passengers to and from New Zealand. They are not very well identified and of course, the steerage - need I say more!

If you would like to fix some text, I've created a new tag 'passengers to New Zealand', which you might like to use. 

June 1899
CLEARED OUT - MAY 31 Taluni, ss , 1 370 tons, C Spinks, for New Zealand ports. Passengers - saloon, Mesdames Stewart, Meiklejohn, Godfrey, Mondy and child, Dufaur, Misses Swale and Ayling, Messrs Stewart, Francis, Drummond, A Stewart, Dufaur, Heid: and 10 in the steerage. D Mills, agent.

ARRIVED June 3 Mokoia, ss (Union line), 3,500 tons, W.C. Sinclair, from New Zealand ports. Passengers - saloon: Misses Cowper, Coote, Brettargh, Newton, Matson, Turner, Cope, Hodge, Isdale, Jokeman (two), Ayson, Logan (three), Jerram, Goldsmith (two), Millar, Mesdames Coote, Fisher, Cotton, Munro, Solomon, Gunson, Manifold, Haman, Yule, McDonald, Messrs. Suttle, Gaunt, Henderson, Middleton, Nicol, Fraser, Ralston, Solomon, Ayson, Mackay, Morgan, Baxter, McCallum, Cutclifffe, McNeill, Yule, McNab, Marshall: and 32 in the steerage. Huddart, Parker and Co. Proprietary Limited, agents.
Later it says, The Union Company's ss. Mokoia, Captain W. C. Sinclair, arrived from New Zealand ports at 10am on Saturday. She left Dunedin on 29th ult. and the Bluff on 30th for Melbourne direct.

CLEARED OUT June 6. Mokia SS. 3502 tons W.C. Sinclair for New Zealand ports via Hobart. Passengers- saloon: Mesdames Kelsey and child, Matheson, Beecham, Benjamin, Geddees, Murphy, Crombie, two children and nurse, Jones, Vail and children, Luke, Bigwood, Cantwell, Peacock and two children, Sayer, Amese and two children, Ellingworth, Buckley, Misses Burns, A Burns, Ballantyne, Heays, Swale, Pearce, Benjamin, Hopkins, Eeles, Moore, Robertson, Chambers, Dallimore, Messrs. Hardeman, Bown, Benjamin, Wright, Goodard, Thompson, Kutcherford, McKenzie, Geddes, Murphy, Luke, Ellingworth, Phelon, Smith, Green, Baker, Amess, Shields, Peacock, Gracewood, Langton, Colonel Buckley, J.R. Jones, S Jones and 32 in the steerage.

ARRIVED 15th June Wakatipu ss. (Union line) 2000 tons, R Neville, from New Zealand ports via Hobart, Passengers - Misses Whitmore, Munroe, Fowler, Livingstone, Giles, and Murrell, Mesdames McAlpin, Herbert, and Stewart (two), Messrs. Rawson, White, Lambert, Fuller, Hein, Coliner, Sheetakoff, James, Wischer, Highton, Livingstone, Matson, Rev J Muir, Captain Herbert: and 34 in steerage.

CLEARED OUT 19th June. Wakatipu, ss. 2000 tons, R Neville, for N.Z., ports via Hobart. Passengers- Saloon, Mesdames Lane, Cripps, Marshall, Ewen, Handle and two children, Scott and Infant, Grondona, Murphy, Suffern and two children, Kenworthy and child, Misses Galbraith, White, Whitbourn, Fletcher, Anderson, Girling, Stewart, R Stewart, M.K.J. Ewen, A Ewen, Messrs, Cripps, Marshall, Ewen, Kenworthy, Wertheimer, Rowe, Downie, Nixson, Whitbourn, Summonds, Ovendale, Lawrence, Nightingale, Grace, Smith, Murdock, Swan, Scott, Desailly, Cooper, Rev W Mackay, Blakemore, Lambert, Sargood, Masters D. A Ewen, A Ewan, and16 in steerage.

ARRIVED June 22. Monowai, ss. 2137 tons, H.W.H. Chatfield, from New Zealand via Hobert. Passengers - saloon, Messrs. Jas. Mills, Fraser, Wise, Dalrymple, Weaver, Cope, J.A. Booth, Stewart, W Deeking, McNab, J. Fuller, W. Fuller, J. Fuller, J. N. Hahn, Instone, H Bastings, Grove (two), J.W. Belstead, Masters Allan (two), Mesdames Pyke, Gourlay, R.W. Tate, Gieseking and child, J Mills, Weaver, Dallyn, Gray, Watosn, Dalrymple, Instone, Franklyn and child, Misses Mills, Excell, H Fuller, May Fuller, Mitchell, Instone, Harris, Pretyman (two), and Nurse Erp; and 26 in steerage.

CLEARED OUT June 27, Monowai ss. 3000 tons H.W.H. Chatfield, for New Zealand, via Hobart. Passengers, saloon, Messrs Maude, Inglis, Turall, Herbert, Dugdall, Gibb, Belstead, Forsythe, McNeil, Robertson, Stoneham, Brown, Pennington, Hynon, Forsyth, Mackay, Phillips, Levy, Page, Hardie, Squire, Kennon, Macfarlan, Williams, Barton, Cooke, Booth, Mesdames Maude, Bond, Herbert, Dugdall, Evans, Brown, Booth, Misses Greig, Mose, Gordon, Gordon,. North, Cuddon, Miller, Midwood, Farr, Upham; and 40 in steerage.

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