Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Non-Government Archives - there is one!

There I was again, bleating on to David Verran at the Auckland City Library family history section about the lack of resources for the preservation of history of clubs and societies when he said, have you pointed people to the Community Archive?

This is a site I've come across before without really appreciating it. The site says it is an electronic redevelopment of NRAM (National Register of  Archives and Manuscripts) and it was initially set up with a grant by the Lotteries Grants Board NZ.

It accepts material from individuals and organizations such as

  • Personal and institutional records, including correspondence, diaries, oral history records, photographs and albums, minutes of meetings and other files
  • Diaries
  • Oral history recordings
  • Literary manuscripts and typescripts
  • Commissions
  • Immigration records, including ships' registers, log books, passenger lists
  • Financial records, for example account books
  • Land information, including deeds, maps
  • Personal identity records, including Wills, birth, death and marriage certificates and registers
It can advise organisations about how to preserve what they have, maybe by digitising it and possible ways to get the funding to do this. I'm very impressed and relieved that this exists. All we need now is a way to publicise this widely and get all the records before they go to the tip.

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  1. I followed up this post with a phone call and some emails to the Community Archves but could not get any digestable information. This leaves me feeling that the Community Archives is in a delicate condition.

    David Verron is a fan of it so it must be a good resource, perhaps its just me but I've lost confidence in it.