Monday, September 6, 2010

News for Emigrants Friends

This sub-heading in Lloyds Weekly Newspaper, (London, England) appears to have begun Sunday, April 1, 1849 in issue 332 and is available at the Gale Newspaper site for a fee. The New Zealand Society of Genealogists have this online for members only.

The column has good information about the movement of ships and promotional articles on the various colonies. Some letters and accounts of voyages are displayed as well. Most of the articles I've read so far are to the Australian ports and nothing substantial about New Zealand.

Some really bad reports of immigrants experiences going to the US make soulful reading, but other advice is a laugh:
Intoxication drinks are very cheap in America and there, as elsewhere, are the greatest curse to the labouring man, and the main obstacle in the way of his bettering his condition. Emigrants would do well to take the pledge before sailing. As no liquors are to be to got on the voyage, they will then have a beautiful opportunity of breaking themseleves into total abstinance.
The colonies were in competition for labour. A letter from Canada said;
It is worthy of remark by those who look on assisted emigration as a means of bettering the condition of the unemployed industrious poor, that while the lowest expense of passage of one person only to Australia is 15l., six persons can be sent for less than that sum to North America and again ; that while the one in Australia will be earning the means of sending for one relation, the six in America can earn enough to send for thirty-six of their relations; and more, for they will lose five months less time in their own voyage out, and the voyage home of their money letters. 
It's no wonder New Zealand nearly had to beg for immigrants!

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