Sunday, September 5, 2010

Funeral Records

These are an alternative source of vital records. On the following example, the funeral director has probably filled out the death certificate for the General Registry from the information he received from the relatives of the deceased. This resource is at Auckland City Library.

C Little and Sons Ltd is an Auckland Funeral Director and have donated their order books to the Auckland City Library. They still do funerals. Their earliest funeral was in May 1875 but they lost the early records in a fire in 1888. The North Shore branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists indexed from Volume 1, May 1901 to Volume 59  December 1936. Missing - May to November 1921. Some grave receipts and certificates of purchase are available from earlier times.
Card Index example

The card index is at the back of the family history library. Take down the Volume No. and page No. and ask at the Special Collections Library on the same floor to see the originals. No photocopying is allowed, a camera is allowed.
Card Index example

So do check out what might be available to you in the area where your people died.

Original at the Special Collections Library Auckland.

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