Sunday, September 5, 2010

From the records, a happy ending

Isabella McGregor took in two of her nieces after their mother, Ferrier Fowler, died in Auckland. Isabella and Ferrier were two of nine children born to James Lockhart and Christina McKelvie at Ayrshire, Scotland. Their Aunt Isabella was no shrinking violet as they were about to find out.

One of the nieces married Henry Soufflot and they had two children after which their marriage broke up. Isabella Soufflot nee Fowler moved back into town (Wanganui) and into her Aunt Isabella's house with the children.

Henry who had lost his job and now his wife and children, lost his mind as well. He burst into the house in Wanganui, threatened everyone and had a knife. Isabella McGregor ordered him out and hid his family with a neighbour. Henry went around the neighbours, knocking on doors, seeking his family but none of the neighbours would let him in.

Henry then went home and tried to commit suicide unsuccessfully and was arrested instead. Besides coming up before a judge, his wife took him to court to get a divorce. It's all in paperspast.

Imagine my surprise when the Wanganui Heritage Library sent me the following information. What on earth was the middle part of this story? Will I ever know?

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