Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book: Sailors and Settlers

Review in the Rural News
I haven't seen this book, another person told me about it. However, it will be a great addition to your NZ history book shelf. It's written by John McLean.
This definitive and detailed history traces the migration of clansfolk from the Highlands of Scotland to Nova Scotia and then on to New Zealand in the mid ninetheenth century.
Speaking their native Gaelic language, they settled at Waipu in the northern part of New Zealand; by the twenty-first century their descendants numbered more than 70,000.
The Christian settlement that they established at Saint Ann's on Cape Breton Osland, in 1820 moved en masse to New Zealand in the 1850s, thereby making Waipu Scots New Zealand's oldest continuing European community.
In addition to their six ships the authur also writes about seven other vessels that brought settlers to New Zealand at the same time from Prince Edward Island and other parts of British North America, thus creating the only real demographic link between the sister dominions of Canada and New Zealand.

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