Thursday, September 2, 2010

Archway record explanation

The links of the 'Sampling of the Court Records' don't take you to the page I wanted to display, the explanations of the records. Here is how to find that page through Archway the long way for BBAE 5635 2/a on today's post.

  • On the entrance page are two search possibilities, simple and advanced. Choose advanced.
  • Under find records are two choices, click 'Find out about the series in which the records are organised.'
  • Enter 5635 into the area for 'code' and click 'search' at the bottom of the dialogue box.
  • Then click on the file number.

  • Then click on 'More information and index'.

  • You will then be at the explanation page.


  1. Hi Lyn - have you got a reference for any records relating to the Police Courts here in Auckland?

  2. Yes, coming up in Part 4, can you wait?