Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wellington Mounted Rifles

Magpie Collection is a beautiful blog, though not a genealogy one. We learnt that we shared a thing in common, our ancestor's who both served in WW1 with the Wellington Mounted Rifles. Marilyn doesn't have many photos of this time and I have a few, so here they are Marilyn. Poor quality faded pics.  Perhaps you might spot your man?  My father is fourth from the left.


  1. Oh thank you Lyn, these photos are wonderful. I really appreciate you sharing them with me. I can't even begin to imagine all that these men experienced and the conditions they were in. My grandfather was a cook for some (?all) of his time with the WMR so maybe he helped prepare the tea break things in your photo. He told me that the men got very tired of plum jam and wanted a change so when he did his supplies order he asked for any jam bar plum - and received a huge supply of plum jam saying that they didn't have bar plum jam just ordinary plum! I have really enjoyed viewing these photos.

  2. That's good, I have more photographs, if he was a cook, I have one of Ivan Fraser carving the meat for dinner. I don't know your grandfathers name.

  3. George Richard Parsons - I have blog entries about him.

  4. No George Parsons in the annotations sorry. Your blog is fabulous, you are a very talented, I love your photos.

  5. Thanks for looking for my grandfather, he later joined the Camel Corp in July 1916.

  6. Thanks for sharing these photos. May I ask if, by any chance, there is any mention anywhere in your material of my grandfather, Lionel Dan McDonell.

  7. Hi Tim, no I don't think so sorry. Here is a list of the names mentioned.
    Charlie Johnson
    Roy Hughes
    Cona MacDonald
    Thormine, Butler, Nelson, Burnard
    Ivan Fraser
    Jos McCarty
    Bert Perrott
    Lu G Gledhill
    Jim Cornfoot (Killed in Action)
    G Cruickshank

  8. Free online read of 'he Official War History of the Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment' at

  9. Hi Lyn

    You have mentioned my grandfather Lu Gledhill. His name was actually Lewis Gledhill. I am compiling a scrapbook of his WWI experiences.

    Beth Mooney