Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twitter and genealogy

Are you wondering what Twitter is and if its going to be any use to you? Me too. So I set off to find out. There are some words of wisdom on the net even if you just have to look hard.

A site called 'The Social Path' had this to say. "Think of Twitter as a cross between text messaging, instant messaging and blogging'.  You get an account and 140 characters per twitter to say what you need to say. But who is going to listen? Not many. Some advice is sound however.

  • Use your real name and city of profile.
  • Have a real tiny good photo of you that people can recognise.
  • Start talking.
  • Ignore the invitation text twitter uses 'what are you doing?' and share your thoughts.
  • Do reply when someone is interested in what you have to say.
  • Fill in your bio and homepage or blog address.

Family historians are often a introspective lot, not given to blabbing on and on, instead, we often have our heads in a book or behind a fiche machine.

But it does have its uses for me. I let people know about my recent posts to this blog. I follow two other people representing genealogy organisations and have found their updates to be useful to me. Using the search facility and genealogy as a search term turned up many people letting others know of whats up. So the question is only partially answered right now, yes, I can share information and get information this way. Other uses are yet to be determined. Look for "GenealogyNZ " on twitter, together we might make more sense of it.

Check out 'We follow', for tweets from your favourite characters such as Oprah. Genealogy as a subject is on the list as well as NZhistory etc.

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