Friday, August 27, 2010

Tararu Old Folks Home

Tararu is near Thames and I've already posted a list of overseas residents of this home on my Coromandel site. However, looking again at the register at National Archives last week, I was struck the quality of information that was recorded. The Coromandel site does not include all the residents and only some of the available information.

This register is at Auckland National Archives and its reference No. is YCAH 14073 Ref 1. Marriage information is comprehensive as well. The example below is for a single man.

Name, Charles Schultz;
Date of Admission 15th January 1909;
Last Address, Shortland, Thames ;
Occupation, Fisherman;
Age, 76;
Date of Birth 4th July 1833;
Place of birth, Hanover, Germany;
Religion, Lutheran;
State of Health when admitted, Fairly good;
In receipt of an Old Age Pension, No;
Whether in Receipt of an Imperial Pension, No;
Whether in Receipt of Allowance from a Friendly Society, No;
Any money or possessions, None;
How long in NZ, about 40 years;
Where did you come from to New Zealand? Australia;
Date of Arrival in NZ, 1869;
Previous Place of Residence in the Colony, Dunedin;
Whether single, married or widowed, Single;
Name of Father, Carl Schultze;
Name and Surname of Mother, Anne Luk;
Rank or Calling of Father, Miller;
Date of Discharge, 10th Feb 1909.


  1. Hi Lyn
    If you ever have any images of these that you don't havve time t type up, I would willingly do so for you
    Bye Althea

  2. If you ring Archives and get permission, I can get the shots for you. They are happy for me to get samples but I'm not sure if they would allow the whole resource to be photographed. It's not a big book.