Friday, August 27, 2010

Tale from the 60's

My mother always said, 'sharing brings luck'. She would play the horses faithfully every Saturday sometimes even getting us children to stick a pin in a line-up of horses and putting some money on it.

Every now and then, she would strike gold. Actually, it happened three times that I can remember. New carpet, alterations for the house or a holiday ensued. We lived extremely cheaply, one present at Xmas and for a birthday, home-made clothes, bottled fruit and veg every summer etc., so these interludes were a very welcome break in the monotony.

But winnings were on the basis of easy come, easy go and she made a beautiful habit of sharing it. I had trouble sharing and would sometimes eat a whole bar of chocolate on my way home from school so I didn't have to do it. However, early childhood training seems to run deep and I did learn to share and learned to like it and I do think she was right about the luck. You know the bible story about the loaves and fishes?

The last big win prompted the idea of a new car. In the 1950's - 60's, imported goods were rare and expensive. Tariffs kept them away from most folk's pockets. Mum had to put down a deposit and wait and wait on the Peugeot car she had chosen. We never did get it, instead, she brought home a Datsun Bluebird,  "what's that" we all cried, never heard of it, "Japanese, you must be joking, I thought they lost the war?"

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