Monday, August 23, 2010

Swedish research in NZ

When Ingela was leaving Sweden for New Zealand a relative gave her a copy of a book called Svenskarna i Nya Zeeland to help her with settling in. She was amazed to find such a book in Sweden.

There is a copy of this book at the Panmure LDS research library and one at the Auckland Council Library. It was written up by a Swedish Consular in New Zealand. The first part is in Swedish but the lists of Swedish New Zealanders who settled here and their information is in English.

She told me that Scandinavians became assisted immigrants to tame the forests in the southern part of the North Island because they were already skilled in forestry.

I met Ingela the other day, she is a helper at the Takapuna LDS on Tuesdays between 12 - and was at the launch of the Maritime Shipping Index.

I was amazed to hear about how research in Sweden was done. Household surveys by a Lutheran Priest were done every year. In the survey, the priest would list the fathers name, the mother by her maiden name and all the children in the household, the parish they resided in. If they had moved since the previous time he had visited, the place they went to was recorded. Then next place they resided would record all their important information. This system started in the early 1600's and was for taxation purposes.

How about that! All a Swedish person needs to do, is to locate the parish their ancestors resided in and follow it back in time. Locating that parish might be a long search if it's not known, and some priests writing is difficult to read and of course, its all in Swedish. You can subscribe to which has scanned all these records. had recently purchased this company.

Also, Ingela will help you if you are in Auckland and she also a link to the Swedish Association.

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