Friday, August 6, 2010

A sign of the times

As I've been going around various libraries etc the last two weeks, I've been struck by the new face of Auckland. So far, I have been served by one person of New Zealand descent. There was the Indian man at the local library, the German lady at the Museum library, the Korean lady who showed me up in the lifts, the Chinese lady who helped me make sense of the car-parking signs and after her advice, I shifted my car.. I've been helped in a gentle fashion by all.

This is the Auckland today. History is in the making. My son is bringing home his Taiwanese friend for dinner tonight. My cousin's child married a Vietnamese, a nephew married a Singaporean.

I hope they are recording their adventures in New Zealand so that their descendants, no matter where they end up living, will write New Zealand into their personal histories as being a place worthy of remembering. It certainly is for me.

So we only have nearly 200 years of recorded history, its a good history, no matter what the news media would have us believe. That we should cringe that our ancestors came here and tore the land from the poor native inhabitants! Things went on that should not have, its true, but the government is trying to set it to rights.

One day we will hold our heads high on the street as well as we do in our own homes. That history is made by the smallest of decisions and most of those were ok as it turned out. Has there been another country other than Australia which as made such amazing progress in such a short time?

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