Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salvation Army Archives

Did your relative wear the Bonnet or the Cap? If yes, then their publication 'War Cry' might contain information. And accounts of their missions to towns around New Zealand might also contain information on the people they encountered. War Cry began in 1883 and has been indexed 1883 - 1919.

Lady Barker's book mentioned that at Ohau near Palmerston North, the Army Mission converted all the families except for one stubborn Catholic family. I took note because it was probably my Catholic family.

Did you have a relative in one of their Children's Homes? Residents have been recorded but the records only start at 1915 although the Homes began in 1900.

They also ran homes such as Hodderville Home near Waotu, Putaruru. A farm of 2350ac where boys 12-19 came as assisted immigrants in the 1920's. (see The War Cry 27th Jan 1934). Another was the Public Schoolboys Scheme.

You can contact them to search these records @$40. Write to 202 Cuba St, Wellington. The Archives is shifting to their Training College Facility in December. The new address will be 20 William Booth Grove, Upper Hutt. Please make an appointment. Or you can contact them by email at the Salvation archives.

No plans are in the air for putting their records online yet but they may do in the future.

Bethany Home. Who remembers this maternity home or others they ran? The nation wide Salvation Army maternity records can be accessed by writing to the Bethany Centre 35 Dryden St, Grey Lynn, Auckland.


  1. This is interesting Lyn as my father-in-law and his brother were placed in a Salvation Home for Boys near Eltham during the 1920's.

  2. roll on the records being put on line so we can do our own research

  3. When I contacted them in 1991 about my father (Eltham Home 1913 to 1920) they had destroyed all personal files. They just had a record of the admission and release dates. Name of relative (just surname, no address) and whether any fees had been paid