Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Research Lesson

GenealogicalNew sent this link via Twitter this morning.  
Randy Seaver shares his errors in research with us. His experiences are a warning to us of the danger of excepting other people's research as our own, even when wrapped up in a glossy published package.

Randy says;
Most "genealogists" start out as name collectors and fact collectors, and eventually understand that they need to fact check the information they enthusiastically gleaned from published books and periodicals, online genealogy databases and online family trees. 
I'm embarrassed by my lack of scholarship in this specific instance, and I know that there are hundreds of other ancestral families that feature the same lack of scholarship in my database.
I admire Randy's honesty and hope that he gets his vast database corrected, no easy task. It should be just a few clicks after finding the correct information in the archives, but it's never that easy with our genealogy programs.

It's better to start a family database slowly, fact by proven fact!

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