Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photographs at Auckland Library SC

SC meaning Special Collections. Sometimes I wonder if all I'm doing here is making a list for myself to remember. For instance, I've been told where to find this resource before but I forgot, its not where you think it might be. I asked again today.

It's called the Heritage images online.
-On the main library page, click the Digital Library.
--Then the A-Z list of resources.
---Chose H for Heritage.
----Scroll down for Heritage images online.

For those who just want a link, here it is. But by doing the above, you may come across something else of interest for a rainy afternoon.

Today I asked about their unidentified photographs, yes, they do have these, probably lots. Just ask at the desk and they might bring you enough to last all of a rainy Auckland afternoon.


  1. Thank you so much for this post, I have had a very quick look and haven't found any of my family lines, but it was so quick i will need to spend longer. It would be interesting to do a search for buildings or public places etc.
    I do appreciate all you pots on this blog. It's wonderful.

  2. Thanks Marilyn, I'm sure you'll find something interesting here. I'm going to look at the unidentified photos one day, one never knows!

  3. These days, they don't call themselves just Special Collections anymore, but Sir George Grey Special Collections. (The Auckland Museum Library also have a Special Collections).

    The old source abbreviation used for photos etc was APL -- for Auckland Public Library -- but (at least until Super City) they go by Auckland City Libraries.

  4. Proper names are very important, I get a bit lax looking them up at times, Timespanner, thanks for the correction. I wonder about the libraries futures under the 'Supercity'. I think they've done very well over the years and can't think of what improvements we might look forward to.

  5. Have used this collection. It's awesome