Friday, August 13, 2010

New Zealand Heritage Library

We don't have one.

What might the purpose be of having one?

  • It would be a repository for information about people living in the last 100 years. 
  • It could be designed like Archives New Zealand is now but for records held by private individuals and organisations apart from Government records.
  • If we don't have one, most of this information goes to the furnace or the tip. 
  • We are tied up with privacy laws now so any private individual or organisation cannot display or use in any way, information they have gathered on us, and it frightens them.
  • Storage costs money and it is unlikely that this historical information would be conserved.
  • We have just come out of the 'age of paper', Paper records still fill drawers, warehouses, shelves and cupboards, but soon, people, organisations and businesses are going to make decisions on what to do with it.
  • Not all this information will be immediately interesting anyway.
  • People next century are likely to find it very interesting.
  • New Zealand needs to look after its history better, this is one very positive move we could make.
  • There are many gaps already in the history of this country.

Thinking about the organisations which I've been involved with which have required me to register in some way and participate, I can imagine that they have erased my footprints already. Maybe not. They probably would not have if they had somewhere safe to put it.

This is not my original idea. Others are concerned, mainly in the conservation of records area. I've just been talking about it with them lately because I've become concerned.

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