Friday, August 20, 2010

My Brick Wall

Robert Campbell was born in 1730 maybe in Scotland although he never said so. It's just that he fought on Bonnie Prince Charlie's side in 1745 and came to Brampton Cumberland with the army. The Campbell Clan as a whole, except for a few miscreants like my Robert, fought that little skirmish on the side of the English. Robert was 16yrs, old enough to fight in those days.

Prince Charlie's army lost and the rabble was rounded up but Robert escaped this roundup. He was still in Brampton having somehow received absolution from his sins. He attended the hangings at the Capon Tree as the only mourner.

Some time after, he was in the English army fighting around the globe, he went to the West Indies and then to Quebec under General Wolfe (1759) and had lots of adventures. He learned to be a blacksmith somewhere along the line and returned to Brampton to live out his days. He married in 1791 (very late) to Margaret Thompson and they had at least three children. Although Margaret was much younger (born 1764), she died before him in 1822. Robert died in 1839 aged 109yrs old.

There is quite a bit coming online now about the Campbell Clan. I was interested to read about the Keithock Campbells who might have been rebels. And then there were some strange references in letters written by John Campbell of Barcaldine about family loyalties which were embarrassing to him. His wife could have been a Keithock Campbell. John was quite influential and could have kept a quiet eye on his in-laws activities.

Lots of people would be very happy to just get their research back to this time period and I am too. Would you give up at this stage or keep going? I feel I need the advice of someone who has studied this period of history. I've looked at various regiments and can't quite place one particular one which Robert might have stayed in, of course he may have moved between two or three. And how come he survived being a rebel so easily? And which branch of the Campbell Clan did he belong to.  Perhaps I'll never know.


  1. Did this Robert Campbell (born 1730) have any connection with Sir Colin Campbell, the British Governor of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) during 1841-1847?? if yes, i have something for u from

  2. I don't think its likely, my Robert was not the same class at all.
    It's more likely that they were related somehow to Richard Campbell [also known as DENOON or DENUNE ] and Elizabeth McKay's children. The baptisms of Richards and Elizabeths children took place at Durness,Sutherland. However, this lot also moved to the same area in England being Brampton Cumberland and Appleby, Dufton, about a mile apart. But there is no proof.

  3. The Glenlyon Campbells fought on the Jacobite side at Culloden, but I don't recall if they were on "the trip to Derby." The MacGlasrich Campbells of Lochaber certainly were in Derby as they were the hereditary bodyguards to the Chief of the MacDonalds of Keppoch, and where he went, they went. If Robert was one of them, then the Parish of birth is likely to be Kilmonivaig. If he was young, then he could have passed himself off as a servant rather than a combatant.

  4. I was told that my ggg grandfather was bonnie prince charlies advisor. I don't know if this was true. His name was robert colin campbell.He was born in argyll.

  5. Roberts son is william and his son is robert and his son is alexander P campbell who was my grandfather.He married emma bycraft. They had 8 kids. Colin, alvin, frank, roger, herbert, carol robert and stella. Is anyone out there related to me? I am Franks daughter.