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Missing from their lives

It must have been so hard not to have received news of loved ones. Lloyds set up a 'Missing Friends' register. Acting as a go-between, family and friends in the UK could notify Lloyds and pay for their notice to be included with others. The inquirer's address was kept private by Lloyds. I wonder if Lloyds still have these filed somewhere?

These are just a few I found today.

NLA (National Library Australia)

Brewer, Herbert Molineux, is anxiously inqured for by his parent, who last heard of him about three years ago at Auckland, New Zealand
Church, Isaac and Israel, left Northamptonshire in 1849-50, the former going to Australia and the latter to New Zealand. Their cousin Sarah enquires for them.
Fellowes, George Russell, left Darlington for Auckland, New Zealand, in September 1881. His sister and brother-in-law inquire.
Haster, Mary Ann (since married), who was last heard of in New Zealand, is desired to communicate with ... Sarah.
Beaumont (Newton), Mrs G and Newton, Lizzie, late of Southwick, were last heard of in Union St, Auckland. Sister Eliza.
Crouch, William, left Hackney in the Bungalore in 1851 for Canterbury, New Zealand and has not since been heard of. Brother Joseph's widow asks.
Glover, Emily, Mary Anne and Rose, are sought by their brother John, who in 1861 joined the Cape Mounted Rifles. Emily went to New Zealand in 1867 and in 1869, Mary was at Woolwich and Rose in Manchester.
Greenberg, Alexander, went to Otago, New Zealand about seven years ago, and from thence proceeded to Melbourne.
Lough (Watters), Mrs Henry, was last heard of five years ago at Amberley, New Zealand. Brother Henry.
Patching, William, sailed in the Ferndale for Auckland about fifteen years ago and was last heard of at Canterbury, Brother James.
Potter, Henry William, communicated with his mother, who had not heard from him for seventeen years, through Lloyd's two years ago, and she was to have joined him at Invercargill, NZ. Not having had further news, she begs him to write.
Watters, Richard and Eliza, were last heard of in New Zealand. Brother Henry.
Burton, William late of Monkton Deverill, Wilts,in 1879 wrote from Grey  Vallecy, New Zealand, Sister Elizabeth.
Howell, Richard, left Harrow-on-the-Hill in 1871, and emigrated to New Zealand. His brothers and sisters inquire.
Snelling, John Hudson and Emma, who sailed in the James Nicol Fleming in 1875 for New Zealand are sought by their brother Samuel.
Pratt, William, sailed from London in June 1864, for Dunedin, and settled in Christchurch, where for many years, he was engaged in a drapery; last heard of twenty years ago. Brother George.
Dobell, Albert Francis (Frank), sailed for Auckland on 29th May 1862, in the Matilda Wattenback, and six months after his arrival there proceeded to Bombay India. His mother and brother desire news.
Ham, Robert and Emily of Congresbury, Somersetshire were last heard of in January 1880, at Alambia Rd, Blenheim, New Zealand, Sister Eileen.
Joseph, Stanley Herbert (Schneider), went to Auckland in July 1888 and afterwards lived in Bourke St, Melbourne where he was employed by Mr Bennett, butcher. His mother is anxious.
Robinson (Green), Amelia, is believed to have left London for New Zealand about 1861 and then gone to Melbourne. Brother William.
Barrow, William, left the London docks in a sailing vessel for Hawke's Bay, New Zealand on 25th March 1874, and for some months had his letters addressed "Care of W Marshall, Carswell, Pukititin" Brother Robert.
Boreham, Mrs E Sarah, sailed in the Rimutaka for New Zealand in January 1884 ane when last heard of was at Amberley. Sister Polly.
Hicks, Alfred, accompanied by his wife and family, went to New Zealand about twenty years ago and was last heard of four years later, Sister Jane.
Page, John, left for New Zealand in 1865 and in 1875 wrote from Sydney that he was gold digging. Brother William.

Paperspast (National Library New Zealand)

Connors, Thomas who belongs to a Religious Order in New Zealand, kindly communicate with his nephew Thomas Connors No. 127, 42nd St, Pittsburg, Pa. USA.
Elliott, William, last heard of at Greymouth on the 6th Oct 1869, write immediately to J.G. Elliott, Church St, Richmond, Victoria.
Casey, Ellen, of Sydney, would like to hear of brother Cornelius, whose brother John in dying. Address Redfern P.O.
Beehre, Henry, information wanted (Roman Catholic) who arrived in NZ about 30yrs ago.
Reidy, Martin, native of Listowel, Co Kerry, left home many years ago. Last heard of in Australia, heard of recently as being in South Island NZ, most anxiously sought for by his father.
Leach, John, late of Camp Runanga, Greymouth, labourer deceased. The widow and children of the above named are requested to communicate immediately with Ellison and Hewison, Solicitors, 237 Collins St, Melbourne.
Morgan, Thomas, left London for New Zealand 22yrs ago, Daughter Polly asks.
Wright, William, of Marshchapel left Great Grimsby 37 years back for Australia, supposed to have gone to New Zealand. Sister Eliza asks.
James James, late of Rothersthorpe, Northampton, is believed to be in New Zealand. Brother Benjamin asks.
Clements, David, sailed for New Zealand in 1876, last heard of from Auckland, Sister Jennie asks.
Baker, James, left Gravesend for New Zealand, brother John and father asks.
McEneaney, Arthur was last heard of from Wellington, M Mc'Eneaney asks.
Pratt, Sarah, left Bedworth in 1865, is supposed to be in New Zealand, sister asks.
Osborn, William,left London 40 years back for New Zealand. Sister Sarah has had no news of him in 20 years.
Osborne, Mrs nee Edmonds, left Sussex for New Zealand 27 years ago. Brother John asks.
Ward, Charles H. or Hermon was living at East Oaklands, California in 1887, supposed to have gone to Napier, New Zealand. Niece asks.
Perry, John is sought by his mother, last known address was Doonan Cottage, Clyde St, Dunedin, Otago.
Murray, Horace D was last heard of from Whangarei in 1883, Niece asks.
Sherry, John, of Pendover, Yeovil, sailed to New Zealand with George Napier about 40yrs since. Sister Lucy asks.
Dold, H was last heard of in 1874 when a cab proprietor in Madras St, Christchurch. Daughter Mary asks.
Richards, Charles of Rickerscote, Stafford, went to Christchurch about 40 years ago. Last heard of in 1864. Brother Joseph asks.

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