Monday, August 16, 2010

Memorandum of Transfer example

I suspect that research on farm estates will become of more interest as time goes by. It is made easier now by our access to the old newspapers online. There must be a lot of interesting private papers on land ownership and development around as well.

I'm not sure of the official paper trails of land ownership in New Zealand. I haven't had much experience of searching the history of land but what I have done in this area has shown me that a whole lot of new skills are required.

A couple of years ago I asked LandinfoNet to do some research for me on land owned by Julia Patton nee Costello after her arguments with the Public Trust (see post; Public Trust Records) over her late husbands estate. A land transmission reference from the NZSG Index 5 CD (see post;  NZSG's Index version) was the starting point.

LandinfoNet emailed a pdf file to me of Julia's sale of land to the Baptist Church in Te Awamutu, part of the Teasdale Settlement. There were other papers with it as well that I could not readily understand. However, the land researcher went to some trouble to try to explain. So, I will keep trying because the subject of land ownership and transfers is interesting.

The example below does tell me a bit more about Julia, she was illiterate but still, she managed to get something of what she wanted. More on this subject later.


  1. If ever you need any help getting to grips with land titles, transfers and survey plans, Lyn, drop me a line at I deal with LINZ instruments fairly regularly these days -- but I'm also still learning day by day.

    By the way -- I like your blog. There's a link to it from mine, now.

  2. Thanks for the offer, its really appreciated.