Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Log of Logs

Shipping and passenger information is a grey, wind-whipped sea of flotsam and jetsam.  All I can do is tell you about the resources the more experienced researchers use as I learn about them myself.

The one I learned about today is called 'Log of Logs, (Australia and New Zealand).  It's at the Auckland City Library and is a three volume set of books written by an Australian, Ian Nicholson. They were never finished in the sense that family history is never finished and Ian died about 10 years ago.

Still, they are an amazing resource, for Ian sourced diaries and ships logs and all kinds of information to do with sailings. If you have identified the ship a person came on and wish to investigate that particular sailing because you are writing up a family history, then do check to see what Ian found out about it.

Besides the ships sailings, listed alphabetically and not repeated in the next volume (updates are underlined though), he wrote about subject headings such as Warship logs and records, Surveys, Stowaways, Shipping companies, the United States Navy etc.

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  1. You probably already know about 'White Wings' by Henry Brett

    And this page also gives some background and includes some info extrapolated from White Wings.

    There is an item re the Adamant from that page.