Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Journal of the New Zealand Society of Genealogist Inc

This magazine is issued six times a year by the appointed editor under the umbrella of the NZSG elected Council. As members, we all look forward to it arriving in our mail boxes.

Over the past twelve months, the use of the magazine by the editor to influence the outcome of the election of standing Council members, was not without controversy.

The magazine is the main conduit for communication between the elected Council and the members, but the members learned that the Council had very little say over what it contained.

You need to belong to the NZSG to receive it personally but I think it would be available in libraries for you to see. It features:

  • Articles written by members about their research.
  • Educational articles.
  • Branch news.
  • Resource news.
  • Reports of meetings.
  • New books available for borrowing.
  • Who am I (photographs of unidentified people).
  • Information wanted and offered.
  • Members interests.
The NZSG is unique because it covers the whole of New Zealand. In other countries, individual areas have their own organisations. There are branches of the NZSG in most main towns.


  1. One could not imagine the Editor of Consumer NZ interfering in the election of Board members to Consumer NZ by making any comments in an editorial.

    Likewise, it would be inconceivable for the Editor of National Geographic to make defamatory remarks in an editorial.

    The Editor of the National Geographic

  2. It is incredible that an editor has a say in the running of a society.