Monday, August 9, 2010

Journal of the Auckland Historical Society

From the Auckland Museum Library
Series DU436.12

In 1957, the Historic Auckland Society produced a booklet called 'Auckland's Volcanic Cones', which woke Aucklanders to the fact that its history was being destroyed and going un-recorded.

So the Journal of the Auckland Historical Society was conceived to foster individual and original historical effort by as many members as possible. The first edition was in 1962.

From my postcard collection

Extracts of articles by C.O. Holmes and J.A. Rowe.

The 14 acres at the junction of Manukau Rd with Tamaki Rd was part of the land which the native owners have alienated for and towards the maintenance and support of Eliza Meurant, a native woman formerly called Kenepuru, now the wife of Edward Meurant of Auckland.

While six out of the seven southern settlements had been founded by the New Zealand Company, Auckland itself was neither company nor purely a government creation, for it just grew from its own inner strength.

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