Sunday, August 1, 2010

Have your own blog

Blogging is fun, you get to be an author. As we get older and have accumulated knowledge on a subject, blogging can be a way of passing it on.

The Google search engine is going to be a good friend when creating your blog. Everything you need to learn is only a few clicks away.

You need an account with google to use this free facility. You can either create this account with your present email address or apply for a free gmail account.
You are then asked to name your blog. Some names you may prefer might already be in use, but its not difficult to find something similar. The next decision you will be asked is to design your site. I suggest that you go with the default at first and learn slowly after that how to adapt the designs for your taste.

Images you use can be imported from your pc using the menu at the top of your posting design page. These images are then stored at Picaso Web Albums online and are private to you. If you don't have an image editor on your pc, then you can alter these images at the Picaso Album site. Images can be placed right center or left on the page and at various sizes.

After you have brought in your images and typed your text, you can preview the page before publishing it. I find this quite useful for proof reading.

There are lots of decisions you can make regarding your page, how wide it is etc. If it's not immediately apparent how to alter something to your taste, then use google to find the 'how to' pages other people have kindly posted with the fixes they've found. I used this method to centre the name on the page and take off the count of posts in the label column. But most of what you need to configure your blog is right there on the design pages.

Have fun and experiment. Let me know where your blog is so that I can list it here if it's a New Zealand family history blog.

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