Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Electronic Records

Trying to find pre 1900 records which give insight into the lives of my relatives, I was struck by the thought, what will my greats be able to find out about me?  If the planet still exists in a 150 years time, someone might like to look. What will they find?

And the government is recording more and more detail about my life so it should be easy right? I worked on one of their data sets for a few years, just as a data entry operator. The amount of data recorded was astonishing. Now, I believe, those data sets will be reconfigured so that they can be matched, no mean feat in the data world.

If any of the thousands of government clerks around the country wanted to, they could already find out a whole lot about me. I don't know them and I have to trust some that the design of the privacy and security systems work. Somehow that seems a bit far-fetched.

But will the government build in a component which will allow access to them for future historians? What's your thoughts on it?
Another thought for tonight. Has all this data recording actually improved life for us?

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