Thursday, August 19, 2010

Deposited Documents

At the Auckland National Archives, I looked at the Deposited Documents in the blue folders in the reading room and selected one file to show you. It's one I've been meaning to have a look at for some time anyway and as it turned out, it's not very interesting, but this group of documents might be just what you need.

Inside the blue folders are alphabetical lists of the Land & Deed documents 1841 -1943.

The one I choose to have a look at was John Costello's Kihikihi grant. I need the reference on the left:  BCAT = Agency Code, A1009 = Series, 49 = box, 1L = record No.  I would then go to the computers in the reading room and enter in my username and password, order the item..

With permission to photograph documents, I can take a camera into the reading room. There is a sloped light enhanced table with optional weights for photographing documents. However, I usually do it at the reading table. No flash, handshake on, macro on and take a deep breath.

I feel honoured handling these old documents. Who else has, and what's the story behind it? In this case, John fought in the 1860's war as a forest ranger and it seems that it is a coincidence that he is in the same place as my Julia Patton nee Costello (see Public Trust Records).  I suspect he sold this allotment and lived in Mt Eden, Auckland.

In the above list, the name Edward Costley is an interesting one. Wasn't he the very humble batchelor who lived in basic lodgings and was very good at making money. When he died he bequeathed it all to the City of Auckland for various uses like the Costley Block at the Hospital?

There is a reference No on the back of each document which is needed if you intend to follow it up at Land Information New Zealand.

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