Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deed poll name changes

Index at the front of the register

These are part of the Court records at Archives New Zealandif the person wishing to change their name did so through this system.  Some people may have only informed the births deaths & marriages registrar.
The name entry needed will be found in the Court Miscellaneous Registers and won't be found on Archway.  Yesterday, I looked at BBAE (Auckland Court) 4981/3/9. These have not been indexed so it pays to have some idea of the time it may have happened. And the Miscellaneous Court records have a wide range of cases in the registers..

Court records are generally restricted for 60 yrs. In the case I was looking at, the date was 1930, so I was fine. However, if it had been 1945, then I would have needed to locate the full archives reference No. and write to the Court, stating why I want the information, whether or not I might publish anything, whether the person is deceased and when, and request a photocopy of the file.   If I could prove that the person was deceased then its likely to be granted.

Entry inside the register doesn't reveal much

To get to the full archives reference No using the two numbers 4981 and 298/30, drill down with advanced search.

  Now, I'm sure you are wanting to try this out, so I won't hold you up! I guess if researching was only a case of putting a cd into a drive, we'd be all bored.

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