Monday, August 2, 2010

Book: Some old Waikato Days

The author of  'Some old Waikato Days' (transcription), Father John Golden, tells of his time in the Waikato very well.

Some of the church histories which I have seen don't mention the parishioners, but Fr Golden tells us a lot about them and it seemed he loved them greatly. Besides the parishioners, he tells about the building of churches and how he travelled around the place.

The copy I have is worn and it was an inexpensive type of book to begin with. Soft cover of a cardboard type of paper, 57 pages, no pictures or maps and it was published in 1922 by the NZ Tablet Printing and Publishing Company. The foreword is by James Liston, Bishop of Auckland. It has an introduction but no table of contents, index or bibliography.

The book begins in the 1870's when parishioners were few and money was scarce, and takes a reader through to just before WW1.  Fr. Golden died in 1922. The Catholic archivist in Auckland kindly gave me permission to publish the book on the internet.

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