Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tangled in the branches

It happened slowly. Someone asked me who my grandfather was. Since I had only known one grandparent who died when I was seven, I could only reply, " I don't know."

The family relationships weren't easily explained either. Being adopted meant four parents, eight grandparents etc. The adults around me understood but the children would be asking questions.

I'm not really self centered!
And so it started, one certificate at a time. As time went by and the family tree blossomed and grew, I thought I might leave it in the wilderness to look pretty and go and do something else with my time. But it nagged me. I got a few holidays from it but always came back to examine it and do a bit of weeding or throw on a bit of fertilizer and it grew and grabbed hold of me.
I'm hopelessly tangled.  Does anyone have a cure?

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