Monday, July 26, 2010

NZSG's Index Version 5

This CD was released by the New Zealand Society of Genealogists in 2008. It contained 7,538,831 records from 164 sources of which 144 sources (4,733,606 records) were available to the public in general.

If you were a member of the Society at that time, you could purchase a key to access all the records on the CD.

It was an awesome resource for New Zealand genealogists but sadly it came to grief. Insufficient checking of the records resulted in a few living people having their records included and it was withdrawn from sale in 2009.

There is a rumour of a cleaned up version being released for sale. Another rumour is that the index's will be offered individually at some time in the future. Meanwhile, those members lucky enough to have purchased the CD before it was withdrawn have something unique.

An enormous amount of work was done behind the scenes by volunteers for years to achieve this CD and it was a blow to them as well as researchers. Let's hope its only a temporary setback. I thank all those volunteers sincerely, including those who neglected to check thoroughly - mistakes happen.


  1. HI Lyn
    I was very interested in your blog on the NZSG Index Ver 5 as I bought a copy a couple of years ago. I have found it to be a wonderful source of information for my family in New Zealand, and have been able to get original documents just by getting the references off the index. It is so unfortunate that it has been withdrawn due to insufficient checking but I hope that something similar will again be available for researchers. Researching in NZ is at times quite difficult.

  2. I agree Lesley, we don't have the census returns available in New Zealand and it is/was a good alternative to see where a person turned up in the records.

  3. I'm one of those lucky one's that did purchase the NZSG Indes Ver 5, it's been will worked and it is great. It sure has helped me with my search.